solutions and expertise

At Scenovia, our intent is to give our clients and partners an advantage that can assist them becoming industry leaders, if not remain as one. That's why partnering with Scenovia means clients have a far-reaching relationship that encompasses multi-disciplinary core competencies.

Scenovia provide solutions that integrate several key factors:

Integrated Team Approach: The approach at Scenovia provides projects with multi-disciplinary teams that have worked together on an array of prior projects. The team's ownership of a project guarantees a consistent vision for the duration of the engagement.

From corporate culture to team structures and work processes, Scenovia believes that integration of both disciplines and individuals is the key to successful projects.

Creative Approach: Scenovia has a consistent legacy of outstanding screen and print based design success.

Scenovia are experts in graphic design and multimedia and a well-resourced research and development team, keeping the company at the leading edge of new media.

Knowledge of the Industry: The team at Scenovia are knowledgable about the workings specific to the meetings and events industry. This translates into an ability to provide clients with a clear vision of creative mediums to improve their event marketing and promotions requirements and improve business processes.

Technology Expertise: Scenovia have in-depth technology and programming expertise to build secure, reliable and scalable Internet, intranet and applications/data solutions.

Our skills include the ability to develop proprietary software, to utilise multiple and cross-platform programming languages and to engineer networks.