digital partner solutions

Scenovia has announced a new solution for associations in management in managing internet marketing for national conferences on an ongoing basis, called " The Digital Partner Solutions ". Scenovia is ideally positioned to offer clients an ongoing relationship to provide continuity and a quality guarantee for their event marketing needs Australia wide.

Partnering with Scenovia means clients have a far-reaching relationship that encompasses multi-disciplinary core competencies. This partnership assures clients of integrated processes, methodologies and consistent quality in their marketing initiatives. This allows for cohesive client team development at local and national levels, further enhancing client/partner uniform standards.

Scenovia's preferred supplier relationship with clients provides:

Continuity in management of websites and collaterals from year-to-year
Complete reporting from previous events
Retains relations, membership databases and contacts for local organising committee
Financial and operational security from our fixed approach to costing development and
    maintance of websites and collaterals
Provide the benefits from a wide range of additional in-house expertise from our pool of
    resources, designers and solutions engineer

Our additional in-house expertise includes:

Project managers - to act as the day-to-day point of contact for the association and manages the project execution, interactive project production and quality assurance on a daily basis. Our project managers will coordinate all communications including meeting schedules, the tracking of deliverables, production schedules and daily/weekly/monthly web project/maintenance status reports.

Creative/Technical Leads - to establish and maintain the creative vision and oversees the creative process for each project .Oversees highest level of technical, content, graphic, and interface integration and placement on the website and collaterals.

Usability Consultants - to translate the user experience into a schematic representation of the event by creating storyboards depicting content and developing new features and functionalities for each project.

Database Developer - to recommend and implement the existing functional requirements and assist in the front end integration process, perform regular data backups and load balancing as required.

If you're looking for a winning partnership, you won't find a better partner than Scenovia.

For more information contact Scenovia on 1300 95 95 55 or email