domain registration & hosting

Web hosting is a service that allows you to upload and store a site's documents and related files on a Web server. This makes the files available on the World Wide Web for viewing by the public. A domain name locates an organisation or other entity on the Internet. The unique name that identifies a web site or its content. for example: "DEMO" in the web address is

The Scenovia Advantage
Scenovia is the origination point for your company or event's online presence, providing a reliable source for keeping the website and Internet communications accessible to all your clients, partners, stakeholders and audience.

Scenovia's fully managed web hosting offers maximum performance and scalability. We maintain the highest quality server hardware to provide the appropriate amount of disk space and memory without major capital expenses from your pocket. Scenovia's proven hosting service removes the burden and expense from the client maintaining 24/7 facilities for housing your email and online presence.